Elliot Photography - About me - Hollie

I am a working mummy with 4 children which has helped so much with working with newborns and children! I absolutely love my job and take great pride in capturing unique and unforgettable moments : ).

Living in the beautiful countryside between Leeds & Harrogate in North Yorkshire on a sheep farm means any spare time I have I photograph the beautiful landscape and animals around us and of course my 4 kids who have their whole life captured on camera!

I over many types of photography including, Newborns, Babies, pregnancy, children, lifestyle,  families, pets, corporate & product! I have a huge portfolio which can be viewed in the galleries.

My love affair with photography began many years ago, looking through pictures which my grandfather had taken over a period of 50 years. When I subsequently began life as a student at Northumbria university it was my grandfather who taught me the basic skills of photography, from composing a picture through all the technical knowledge needed to operate a pre-digital camera  as well as the tricks of the trade that helped to capture an image that would stand the test of time. This was when I realised I had a real passion for photography and that it was something I would like to pursue as a career.

I learned that it is not simply an ability to take good photographs that's required, but the ability to control groups and ensure that one of the most important days in the life of the couple are captured in the way they'd want to remember them.